Some categories have specific criteria you can search on. E.g. the veterinary practices category allows you to search by type of veterinary practice. Choose the section you want from the drop-down box next to "by category" to see the specific search criteria.

RCVS PSS Category: In the United Kingdom the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons runs a "Practice Standards Scheme" (PSS). The scheme is voluntary and about half of veterinary practices are registered with it, although all practices have to provide a service equivalent to the scheme's "core" standards. The PSS criteria listed here allow you to search for practices in the PSS.

Use a ',' or 'or' to separate terms you wish to search for by using the 'or' condition. This means that a search result will be returned if a listing title and/or description matches either (or both) of your terms you have entered. You may string together as many 'or' terms as you wish.

(Example) Search for: red or blue

...will return all listings that have 'red' or 'blue' in the title and/or description.

Use an 'and' between terms for a multi-conditional search. This means that a result will be returned only if the title and/or description of a listing matches all of terms you have entered.

(Example) Search for: red and blue

...will return all listings that have 'red' and 'blue' in the title and/or description.

Tip: a search for 'some'

...would match 'here is something' in a partial word match, but would not in a whole word search. The term 'some' would match 'here is some stuff' in a whole word match.