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I specialise in pet dog training, helping you train your pet to be a well behaved family member. Classes take place on Thursdays in Carleton Village Hall, Skipton.  


The numbers of dogs in class is kept low and whilst this ensures there is time to give everyone individual attention, it also helps to decrease stress for your pet.  You will know from your own experience that if you’re under stress, learning is difficult, if not impossible.  


Classes are fun, informal and enjoyable.  Methods are kind, fair and effective resulting in a successful and rewarding relationship with your dog. No shouting or pulling and certainly no ‘alpha rolls’ or pinning dogs to the floor.  Such out-dated methods should play no part in training; you risk damaging your dog both physically and mentally.  




Life Skills Classes are for dogs of all ages. The top three requirements for most people are for their dog to - walk loosely on the lead, to come back when called and not to jump up! These, and more, will  be covered during the course enabling you both to enjoy your time to the full. 


I want you to have the best learning experience I can provide and for an investment of only £60 you can start to work towards gaining the best possible relationship with your dog.


You will receive a set of informative handouts which will support your learning over the course and can be used as a reference at a later date, together with a goody bag from James Wellbeloved.



Puppy Training Classes  are for puppies up to 18 weeks at the start of the class.  Puppies are very cute and entertaining yet can also be incredibly hard work.  There are probably few who have not, at some point, questioned their sanity when deciding to get a puppy!

During the course you will learn how to guide your puppy's learning to produce a confident, well behaved young adult. 
Courses are six weeks long and for an investment of only £60 you can begin to learn how to get your puppy off on the right paw!



Runners & Pullers ask most pet dog owners what they want from their pet and within the top three of most people’s list will be “a dog who comes back when called” and “a dog that doesn’t pull on the lead”.  Whilst both these issues are dealt with at length on the courses, people can’t always commit to attending a six week course.


Runners & Pullers workshops are offered on weekend days,10 – 3 p.m.and focus on loose lead walking and recall. There is a maximum of 4 dogs on the course to ensure you get lots of supervision. By the end of the day you will not only see an improvement in your dog’s behaviour but you yourself will have a better understanding of how to develop and then maintain the improvement. This workshop costs £50.00 



Scent Workshop This group course is for owners interested in scent work and learning new skills that their dog will enjoy. The course is suitable for any size and breed of dog and will be a fun learning experience for both yourself and your dog. You do not have to have any prior experience of scent work and guidance will be available throughout the course. This workshop will cost £15

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