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Puppy Training: 
Taking your puppy to relaxed puppy training classes that use kind, effective, and gentle methods, is the single most important thing you can do to help your puppy become a happy, well-behaved and well-adjusted family pet. It is also great fun for all the family, is very rewarding, and will mean that all members of the family are more confident and safe around dogs.
The first few months of a dog’s life – up to 16 weeks – are the most important in terms of developing their personality. It is a short time when they must learn how to interact with other dogs and animals (including people), as well as how to cope with the demands of the world around them. If they are not carefully introduced to as many sights, sounds and environments as possible at this early stage, they are very likely to later develop into potentially dangerous and unpredictable animals with untreatable behaviour problems. At the very least, they will need lots of additional work in order to become a good family pet.
In light of this, I run weekly Puppy School training classes in Crouch End, North London, having been trained by renowned dog behaviourist Gwen Bailey following the method she uses for her Puppy School classes nationwide:
oThe classes are organised into a course of six fun classes for adults and accompanied children
oThey are limited to six puppies to give you and your puppy the personalised attention you need, and to ensure that your puppy does not find the experience overwhelming 
oYou will be given all the information you need to ensure that you can give your puppy the best start in life

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