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Behaviour Service Rehab Group

  • Do you worry about meeting other dogs out on a walk?
  • Is your dog scared of other dogs?
  • Is your dog aggressive towards other dogs?
  • Does your dog keep getting attacked by other dogs?
  • Does your dog get overexcited when meeting other dogs?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then the Rehab Group is for you!

The Rehab Group was set up in June 2011 with the aim of offering helping to all dogs and their owners who needed it.

All dogs who come to us for help with their behaviour towards other dogs are seen for an initial one-to-one behaviour consultation on veterinary referral. Working with Hannah’s experienced stooge dogs we assess their behaviour and teach their owners the skills they need to help their dogs.

Toby – one of the stooge dogs you are likely to meet

Once we feel a dog is ready, we offer them a place in the Rehab Group. For most dogs this is after the initial consultation; but for some dogs this would be too stressful or arousing and they benefit from a few more one-to-one sessions with Hannah’s dogs before joining the group.

The group meet on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at  Appledown Kennels  in Eaton Bray. The group offers a safe, controlled, friendly environment where all dogs (and owners) can learn at their own pace and distance that they can cope with.

All the training is positive and reward based. Our aims are to build each dog’s confidence and show them the way we would like them to behave and reward them for doing this. Each group session is different depending on the dynamics of the dogs attending.

Some of the things we cover during the sessions include:

  • The body language dogs use to communicate with each other – what to praise in your dog and to look out for in other dogs
  • Clicker training – this builds confidence and helps to accurately mark appropriate behaviour
  • Groundwork exercises – based on those from  Tellington Touch . Weaving through cones, stepping over poles, walking on different surfaces – these exercises help to build confidence in nervous dogs and calm reactive dogs
  • Training exercises – we teach many exercises such as attention, send-away, targeting – some of these exercises are very useful such as getting your dog’s attention on you; but mainly we teach them to help the dogs learn to learn and concentrate on you around other dogs

For some dogs, initially just watching at a distance is enough for them to cope with and being rewarded for positive behaviour choices. The more confident they become over the weeks, the more they can join in with the training activities.

Support from other owners in the group is a key part of the Group too. Being able to work with your dog without worrying about what other people think and without feeling embarrassed if your dog reacts or gets over excited is often a great relief. No-one is judging you as all the owners present have been the in same boat and know what you are going through.

What some Rehab Group members have to say:

“I am delighted with how much Max and I have learnt from Hannah. It’s been great to mix safely with other dogs and to learn about positive and negative body language. We have had the opportunity to try new skills and improve his training. It’s definitely made a difference to Max’s behaviour around other dogs and how we can intercept early. Highly recommended” -Alison & Max

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