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We are a small and exotic animal practice located in Shifnal, Shropshire.

Established for over 25 years, the practice welcomes a wide variety of species through the doors; fury, feathers and scales.

In addition to the treatment of dog and cats, the practice has knowledge, experience and a passion in the treatment of exotic species.

All staff have experienced and training to provide the best care and advice for the patients we see. Both vets and nurses regularly attend lectures, and training courses to keep up to date with new medicine advice and procedures

Our Services include
Repeat Prescriptions
Beak/Nail/Wing Clipping
Blood Pressure Monitoring
On-site Surgery
Preventative Health Care
Flea Treatment
Worming Treatment
Dental Care
Dietary Advice
Laboratory Tests
Blood Sampling
Faecal Screens

Our Veterinary Surgeons have experience and knowledge in, husbandry, behaviour, disease, feeding and treatment of a range of species.

The species we see include:

BIRDS Poultry, Raptors, Owls, Game birds, Waterfowl, Racing pigeons, Ducks, Chickens, Parrots, Birds of Prey, Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Parakeets

REPTILES Monitors, Frilled Dragons, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Chinese Water Dragons, Skinks, Anoles, Tegu, Chameleons, Iguanas, Gila Monsters, Boas, Pythons, Corn snakes, Milk snakes, King snakes, Tortoises, Terrapins, Turtles

AMPHIBIANS Frogs, Toads, Salamanders, Axolotls

RODENTS Mice, Rats, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Guinea pigs, Degus, Chipmunk, Gerbils

SMALL MAMMALS Rabbits, Ferrets, Primates, African pygmy Hedgehogs, Sugar gliders

FISH Marine and freshwater tank fish

INVERTEBRATES Tarantulas, Scorpions, Millipedes, African Land Snails

To find out more about our exotic services click on 'Visit my Web Site' or give us a call

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