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My love for dogs and animals alike stems from being brought up around animals; I have had dogs, rabbits, hamsters and even used to own a little mouse called Maurice!

Previously, I have owned three Jack Russell Terriers and even now I still try to claim ownership of my mum's little terrier Dixie, who often stays with me (and I reluctantly give back). At the moment, I am the proud owner of a beautiful 8 month old Siberian Husky puppy, who is named Aurora. She is a loving and playful girl who loves her snuggles. 

Aurora means the world to me and she is an important member of my family. I understand that as a dog owner, deciding where to leave your dog can cause anxiety. From personal experience - it is often difficult to find a suitable place for your beloved friend to stay while you are away.

This is where I can help.

I offer a dog boarding and a day care experience where your dog will be treated like he/she is my own. Just like Aurora, they will have the full run of the house and and can make themselves feel right 'at home'. They can play in the secure garden which is completely 'dog proofed' and will be fully supervised at all times. What is more, they can sleep where they like (Aurora has a full size human bed for herself, so plenty of room to share if they wish). 

I will adhere to your schedule if you provide me with one.

My home is a 3 bedroomed terraced house with lovely neighbours (always a bonus). I have a secure garden which consists of a fenced off patio area and lawn where dogs are free to play as much as they want to. The house is fully puppy - proofed due to my owning a puppy and I am happy to take puppies :D

For parks - we are spoilt for choice. We have a huge one on our doorstep (well 2 mins around the corner to be accurate) and there are plenty more around. We walk our dog 3 times a day - being a Husky she had endless energy! Of course if your dog is anything like my mums dog Dixie that would be a little too much - so I can also adhere to your own walking schedules.

I offer a second to none dog boarding service where you can rest assured your dog will be treated like a member of my own family. 

In addition, I provide a dog day care, so again you can be assured you dog is happy and having a lovely day while you go about your business.

What is more, I will send you pictures and videos via email of your dog(s) - so you can be assured that your dog is having a wonderful time while you are away. You can also feel free to contact me any time via phone or email for updates!

We can't wait to hear from you.

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