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Be Calm and Confident

Herbal supplement for use when a quicker absorption is required to help your horse maintain a calm and healthy balanced nervous system.  Often given initially before going onto the dried Calm & Collected for those owners who prefer a dried mix.

This tried and tested herbal calmer containing valerian, chamomile and other relaxing herbs will help your horse maintain a calm, healthy and balanced nervous system. 

We recommend this supplement whilst schooling on young horses, for changes in routine or simply tense, nervous or sensitive types.  Other areas which can affect tenseness would include those not being given sufficient daily turnout, vital for every healthy horse, over feeding and work load, especially with young, still maturing animals being asked too much for age/maturity. 

Please allow up to a month for beneficial results to be seen.

If you have a mare and you thought her behaviour was more hormonal or tied in to her season, you could consider our Easy Mare range instead.  But we would not suggest to give both supplements together.

At 30mls per day, a litre should last approx 33 days, costing approx 66p per day

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