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NK-9 contains AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound), a dietary supplement that research shows can provide unsurpassed support for your pet’s immune system.

A strong and healthy immune system allows dogs to function at peak performance. Help keep your dog in optimum health with NK-9!

What is NK-9?

NK-9 is a dietary supplement for your dog that contains a pure form of the ingredient Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC). Research has shown that AHCC can provide unsurpassed support for your pet’s immune system by increasing their Natural Killer (NK) cell activity. Science has shown that Natural Killer (NK) cells are the key component of your pet’s immune system and considered the immune system’s front-line defence.

What are Natural Killer (NK) cells?

Natural Killer (NK) cells were identified in the 1980’s by scientists as the most important white blood cell on the front line of defence in the immune system. Natural Killer (NK) cells patrol the body, killing and destroying all “non-self” cells, which are any cells that don’t belong in your pet’s body.

What does NK-9 do?

Research shows that NK-9’s main ingredient, AHCC, can provide unsurpassed support for your pet’s immune system. As with humans, a strong and healthy immune systems allows pets to function at peak performance.

Can I give my pet DGP and NK-9 at the same time?

Yes, both products were formulated for different reasons. While DGP was created to maintain healthy joint function, NK-9 was created to support a healthy immune system. Both products work synergistically to provide your pet with a healthy and happy life. However, our recommendation would be to give your pet each individual product at least one hour apart to avoid competition for the absorption rate.

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