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Preventative Health Care and Pet Health Plans

There are many aspects to preventative health care that we recommend at Anne Nelson Vets. The basics include vaccination and parasite control but even these are surprisingly neglected. Neutering, nutrition and microchipping are also types of preventative healthcare that we recommend as well as dental care at home. We recommend these to prevent our pets from becoming considerably ill and the affect of the treatment is minute, if at all, in comparison to the potential disease. There are also health implications to us with some of the diseases we vaccinte against being zoonotic as well as some parasites affecting us. Another reason why prevention is better than cure.

To help with preventative health care we have introduced Pet Health Plans which allows you to budget for your pets’ important preventative treatments that are not covered by insurance. They also provide discounts for diets that we recommend, neutering and microchipping. We also send annual vaccination reminders as well reminders when your pet is due each application of flea and worm treatment via text message and email to help owners provide the very best for their pets.

There are a lot of flea products available on the market but most do not tackle fleas effectively as they only act on the adult stage of the flea life cycle resulting in owners tackling flea infestations for months on end. By joining our Pet Health Plan you will be able to get the very best prescription-only products on a regular basis that are effective at controlling each stage of the flea life cycle. We also ensure we cover Lungworm (Angiostrongylusvasorum) in dogs, a life threatening parasite.

We have also offered discounts on other areas of preventative health such as diet, neutering and microchipping as we believe these are all important for keeping your pet healthy and safe.

What’s included on our Pet Health Plan

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Pet Health Plans are currently only available for dogs and cats.If you would like to join up then please contact the Pet Health Plans team at The Practice Business free on 0800 169 9958, alternatively you can pop into the practice.

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