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MRI Scans

Unlike ultrasound and x-ray imaging, MRI scans give us an extremely clear and finely detailed visualisation of your pets’ internal organs. It is a harmless process, but one that will require your pet to be anaesthetised as we need them to remain very still.

Using magnetic fields and radiowaves to form a complete image of your pets’ body we will elect to use MRI scans for the following:

  • Spinal problems
  • Tumours
  • Brain disease
  • Foreign objects that can’t be detected by x-ray
  • Some joint problems
  • Investigating seizures/fitting
  • Nasal discharges/sneezing
  • Middle-ear diseases

We also highly recommend that any Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have an MRI screen in order to check whether they have the hereditary condition ‘Chiari-like malformation’.

CT Scans

These provide clearer images than conventional x-rays. A contrast media or dye can be injected to further enhance the differentiation in the tissues.

CT Scans can provide a 3D image improving the diagnostic detail of organs, soft tissues and bones and aid surgical planning. As with our MRI scanner we can accept referrals for the imaging or we can accept the case for a full referral by our team.
We will use CT scans for :-

  • Facial trauma
  • Nasal disease
  • Elbow and shoulder lameness
  • Metastatic disease investigation especially the thorax
  • Complex fracture repairs
  • Chest, lung and renal disease.
  • Surgical planning for large dogs with abdominal tumours and other tumours to detect the extent of their invasion to the surrounding tissues.

These are vital pieces of diagnostic equipment to ensure we can provide you and your pet with total veterinary care.

Ultrasound Scans

Our centre in Epping offers a state-of-the-art ultrasound scanning suite, which allows our veterinary staff to visualise detailed information about your pets’ internal organs. We also have a portable scanner at our surgery in Woodford. A completely unobtrusive process, your pet need not undergo an anaesthetic as long as they can remain still for a while.

Ultrasound is an extremely effective way of imaging the movement of fluid in the body and can be utilised for a great deal of procedures:

  • Cardiology; discovering whether your pet has any issues with blood flow in the heart or any other abnormalities
  • Biopsy; where the ultrasound aids our surgical staff to work with extreme precision
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Prostate, kidney and other internal organ examinations


This is the process of using an endoscope, which is effectively a small bundle of fibre optic cables with a tiny camera at the end. This allows our vets to view images from the internal body on a monitor. It is a fast and efficient methiod of diagnosis and can often be used to solve problems without the need for invasive surgical operations. For example, removing foreign bodies.

Types of Endoscopy

  • -Rhinoscopy (Nasal)
  • -Bronchoscopy (Lungs)
  • -Gastroscopy (Stomach)
  • -Arthroscopy (Joints)
  • -Colonoscopy (Rectum)

We use these various processes to investigate potential tumours; problems in the digestive tract; the on-set of arthritis.


Although it is a slightly intrusive procedure carried out under anaesthetic, we ensure that your pet experiences very little discomfort and incurs minimal scarring with a recovery time of virtually nil.

Contact us if you have any questions about our MRI and Imaging equipment

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